Essays by Ingrid Schmidt-Ostrander

The following essays have been written over a period of 25 years and several have appeared in Orchid Society Newsletters around the country. Many were written as responses to questions from our growers.

I have revised them and updated the older ones. However, new questions will come up and new responses will be written. A collection as this will never be finished.

Almost all have been authored by me. There are a few translations of German articles; permission to publish these translations was given by the original publisher “Die Orchidee”. If an article was not written by me, the author is stated.

Permission is granted to publish the articles in an orchid society newsletter. That is the reason why they are published here. Just make sure to give credit to the author(s) and the Canadian Orchid Congress. Hopefully, many orchid growers will enjoy reading these little stories and perhaps glean some information that will assist them in their ways of understanding and growing nature’s special treasures, the orchids.

Ingrid Schmidt-Ostrander, Brentwood Bay, BC, 2008

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