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Orchids of Tropical America: An Introduction and Guide i
Joe E. MeiselRonald S. KaufmannFranco Pupulin
Foreword by Phillip J. Cribb
Comstock Publishing Associates
Hardcover, $75.,Paperback 29.95

The Cornell University Press, a non-profit publisher of academic literature, is
proud to announce the recent publication of its first book dedicated exclusively
to orchids.  It is a comprehensive reference to the wonderful flowers, with
something for both beginner enthusiasts and veteran orchid fans.

This new book seamlessly weaves botanical and biological information, a morphological classification guide, and geographical data with engaging stories and discussion about the social and historical significance of orchids.  By including both aspects in the book, the authors aimed to create a volume which is useful as a field guide, but can also be read and enjoyed cover to cover.  This amazing, over 250 page work is complete with its index, travel advice for vacationing orchid lovers, and, of course, beautiful photographs of hundreds of orchid species.

This lovely book will be available at a discount price to Victoria Orchid Society members.

You can also learn more about the book and the authors by visiting the book's own website at 
or on our website at

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