Member Greenhouse Tours, Summer 2019

“A greenhouse is a miniature rainforest and a refuge of beauty and peace.” – Steve Klitzing

By Melanie Norris

The Victoria Orchid Society held our annual Member Greenhouse Tour on Sunday August 18, 2019.

The cool side of Rick’s greenhouse houses a vast array of orchids, the majority of which are Masdevallias. Despite being an indoor space, Rick has adapted the conditions successfully to produce amazing, award-winning blooms.

We had the pleasure of visiting 3 very different set-ups, all adapted to each grower’s available space.  It is amazing to see how a grow area can be modified to provide completely different growing climates within a relatively small space.

During this tour, we saw how each grower has integrated technology, science, and other tools and tricks that allow them to bloom stunning orchids.  It was a very informative and inspiring afternoon for both the novice and experienced visitor.


We would like to extend our gratitude to Poul, Rick, and Bryan for opening your homes, greenhouses and gardens for us to visit.  We very much appreciate your time to answer questions, as well as providing lovely refreshments.   It was indeed, a most enjoyable afternoon.

Photos courtesy of Leda Bower, Bryan Emery and Melanie Norris.

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