AOS Judging

November AOS Awards

By Sarah Lane

This month, a number of beautiful plants were sent for judging at the Western Canada Judging Center, and here are the results, along with pictures of the incredible winners.

Leda Bower submitted the lovely Stelis mystax ‘Kittiwake’ (seen above), which received a CCM/AOS award.

Pat Van Adrichem of Kingfisher Orchids submitted the beautiful Phalaenopsis LD’s Bear Queen ‘Highlighter’ (Phal. bellina Phal. Dragon Tree Eagle), which received an HCC/AOS award (below).

He also submitted the eye-catching Phalaenopsis gigantea ‘Christmas’, which received an HCC/AOS award.

Finally, Calvin Wong of Tropical Gardens Orchids submitted the stunning Lycaste Chita Carnival ‘TG’s Strawberry Pixie’, (Lyc. John Ezzy x Lyc. virginalis), which received an HCC/AOS award.

Congratulations to these exquisite plants and their growers!

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